MySQL 6 in alpha stage

The n° 1 open source database MySQL has reached the alpha stage of version 6. An interesting development is the MyBS engine for storing blobs ( binary data ). The engine streams the data through an implemented server which should improve the time needed to serve this kind of data. The second big ( in fact huge ) change is the development of a new storage engine called “Falcon”, to replace InnoDB ( which was bought by Oracle earlier ). Falcon should feature everything that InnoDB has, only faster.

Flex framework for MDI

When working on Flex projects you run into MDI’s or Multiple Document Interfaces quite often. Luckily for us, Flex developers, some smart guys created “Flex MDI“.

Flash & webdesign courses at Trix

Starting in November: Flash & webdesign courses at Trix.

I’ll be giving the first insights into Adobe Flash during 5 evenings of 2.5hrs. The webdesign series focuses on skinning your MySpace this time. MySpace is a very important tool for musicians these days and we felt it would be a usefull topic to cover.


After months of a static “switching servers” page, finally an update. Just installed WordPress as it has a very lively user base and plugins/widgets are easy to get. You can expect some notes on things that happened in real life or during development.

What have I been up to lately? Well, for starters I did a lot of Flex development and I’m also working on a big Flash site.
There are a lot of projects coming up. But more on that later! Promised.