The Code snippets feature in Flash CS5 is no good.

I’ve been playing with the new Flash CS5 trial and went to the “what’s new” page on the Adobe site. So far so good. I watched the first video about the improved Text Engine. Very nice. Columns ftw! But upon the second feature I started to scratch myself behind my ears. What the %*$# went wrong with the new “Code Snippets” feature? Adobe has placed it on number 2 on their list. But they shouldn’t have. Here’s why.
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To all Draytek users: Watch out with HP products!

After all problems we went thru with our setup we’ve solved it ourselves by buying a new CAT6 cable. Strange thing is that all computers do work with the same cable.
But for future reference, I’ll leave the complete story online:

We run our network from a Draytek Vigor 2910. We bought a printer from Saturn a month or two ago. But, as it turns out HP does not support that router. We bought a Photosmart C6280, a multifunctional printer from HP. The printer does not get an IP-address from the router, nor from one of the hubs connected to the router. All other devices ( laptops, pc’s, Macs, … ) don’t run into any problems, everything works.

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Loader vs QueueLoaderLite == beer?

The strangest problem: loading thumbs from Flickr – no problem, loading higher res images from Flickr – big problem. When I tried QueueLoader it started working out of the box … The funny thing is: QueueLoader also uses the native Loader class. After 6 hrs of bug hunting and finally finding a solution I’m into a beer. A chilled one. Straight from the fridge. Glug, glug, glug.

Does not work ( after hours of trial and error ):

var req : URLRequest = new URLRequest( myImageURL ); loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR,onIO,false,0,true); loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS,progress,false,0,true);

Does work:
var lite : QueueLoaderLite = new QueueLoaderLite();
var sp : Sprite = new Sprite;
lite.addItem( data.url,sp, {info: "hires"});
lite.addEventListener(QueueLoaderLiteEvent.QUEUE_PROGRESS, progress, false, 0, true);
lite.addEventListener(QueueLoaderLiteEvent.QUEUE_COMPLETE, onFull, false, 0, true);

Back to life

After six weeks of travelling in Argentina I’m back. More on that soon ( pictures and experiences ), promised 🙂

While catching up I found out that Opera 9.5 has finally arrived!
I’ve been waiting for this power update for a while now and am really thrilled. ( Even more than the FF 3 version coming up in a couple of weeks. Some say I’m an Opera fanboy … )
Download Opera here

And later today ( after a short night of sleep ), the nice people from the local Mac shop will send me my first Apple … ever. A whopping 2 x quadcore is coming my way. The most important reason is compatibility at the office and the waiting ( since forever ) on good Linux support from the important vendors ( Adobe, where are those Linux versions ?! ). I was the only one working with Windows XP Pro. The other guys here all use Mac and are really into it. As usual I continue to use Ubuntu in my spare time on my personal laptop, but as a professional I’m making the big switch. Really curious how smooth the transition will be.

That’s it for today. Over and out.

A decent timout

On saturday I’ll be on a plane to Rome and from there I’m off to Buenos Aires!
Mainly to take a break, some computer time out and to take some tangolessons from the originators. After three years of practice, it’s great ( and kind of frightening ) too go dancing on a real “salon”.

Plan to stay a couple of weeks in the city, after that I’m gonna visit Patagonia and admire the wonderfull nature there.

Should be back around june 10th.

So, bye bye for now and see you later!