When Apache ( Xampp ) refuses to start

You got to open the command promt on WinXP and type ( with quotes )

"C:\Program Files\xampp>xampp_start.exe"

If that doesn’t work you can drag the xampp_start.exe from your installation folder onto the command promt and press ENTER. ( this works for other stuff to, try it )

This will give you more information on why things fail, it helped me hunt down a bug which I could trace back to my configuration of httpd-vhosts.conf and httpd.conf. A network drive of mine refused connection and triggered errors when starting Apache from my Xampp control panel.

Which makes me think: Why o why do women don’t have a cmd prompt 🙂

The story of compound keys

Short story: I needed a table that could visualize the relation between two other tables ( services & portfolio ). So I set up a “join table”; a table that has two columns: service_id and portfolio_id. Each column contains a foreign key ( services.id and portfolio.id ).

Now, what you normally do is add a third column “id” as primary key. But in this case it can be a recipe for ( a programmer’s ) disaster. The column id would always contain a unique value, but the combination of the two other columns service_id and portfolio_id will not be unique. And thus you could run into a situation where you have multiple rows that hold the same relation:

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