Finally: the end of blisterpackaging!

Big companies are finally letting go those dreated clamshells!

Doesn’t ring a bell? What about those plastic containers you need to cut open, risking the life of yourself and your anticipating surroundings? You just bought something, got all excited to try that new CAT6 cable, but there you have it. Must-get-around-this-hard-plastic-wrapper-within-15-seconds. So you pull out your faithfull Haiku and start cutting away. Chances are high you’ll end up with damaging the newly bought goods ( or the dog who’s trying to get close to the new toys ). Your anticipating starts to diminish soon. People start to leave the room while you are left frustrated.

Always wondered why they were out there in the first place. I setteled on “must be to annoy shoplifters and to stress the owner”. Curious to see the next-gen packaging methods in stores soon.

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To all Draytek users: Watch out with HP products!

After all problems we went thru with our setup we’ve solved it ourselves by buying a new CAT6 cable. Strange thing is that all computers do work with the same cable.
But for future reference, I’ll leave the complete story online:

We run our network from a Draytek Vigor 2910. We bought a printer from Saturn a month or two ago. But, as it turns out HP does not support that router. We bought a Photosmart C6280, a multifunctional printer from HP. The printer does not get an IP-address from the router, nor from one of the hubs connected to the router. All other devices ( laptops, pc’s, Macs, … ) don’t run into any problems, everything works.

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A reminder, for an article I’ve read earlier this year. Instapreneurship is here to stay: the sites mentioned on the site are still alive and kicking. Really love the way some people make money. No investment, no risk. Just plain creativity and guts.

Wired Article

“Create your own style”

Marketeers are extraterrestrials. There are a lot of things wrong with this punchline. For starters: how on earth can you create your own style in a shop where thousands and thousands of people shop every day? Secondly: there’s no such thing as creating your own set of clothes ( hence, your own style ) in these shops. If you buy something in a big chain, then you will NOT be unique. You will be one of many.
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