Running Ubuntu Lucid Netbook Edition on a Asus EEE PC 1201HA

Today I installed Ubuntu on my Asus EEE PC 1201HA netbook. Because I’ve got really good experiences with installing Ubuntu on the computers of my family and friends, I was determined to install Ubuntu Netbook Edition on this one too before passing it on to it’s next owner. ( I just bought it for a temp. side project ).
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Solution: pcfg_openfile unable to check htaccess file

We ran into that problem on our internal development server ( ubuntu ).

Our test sites were all running into problems, permissions and ownerships seemed to be ok.
But the /etc/log/apache2/error.log contained the following error upon opening such a test site:

pcfg_openfile unable to check htaccess file

Problem was a little typo in /etc/group. The apache user contained a “0” ( zero ) where a “w” was due.
The 0 was inserted when we edited the file to add a new user to a group on the server.
After the typo was fixed, a quick reboot of the apache server was needed to get things to normal.

Ubuntu on Xen installation: Cannot run command ‘mount’

Just ran into an error while installing Ubuntu 8.04 on a Xen patched Ubuntu server inside a VMWare virtual machine. Why would I want to do that you ask? So I can test the virtualisation of our file server and test application server.

The error occured after I tried to debootstrap a new ubuntu installation on my Xen installation:
cannot run command 'mount' exec format error

The solution: you are trying to install the wrong version, try the i386 or the amd64 version.
As simple as that.

Wireless on Gutsy is fun!

Just bought myself a D-Link DWL-G630 and it just works out of the box on Ubuntu 7.10 ( Gutsy Gibbon )!
I’m getting the feeling that Linux will be a valid choice for the big audience in 2 years. The user experience is top notch, but here and there there are some quirks that only a tech-savvy user can solve. ( eg: my Belkin wireless USB device did not work out of the box ).
Also: the latest Flash Player (r.115) for Linux does not run on Opera 9.25, it does run on Firefox. But that configuration failed a small test where I tried to upload some files through a Flex app I built. Gonna figure that one out in the days to come.
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