A reminder, for an article I’ve read earlier this year. Instapreneurship is here to stay: the sites mentioned on the site are still alive and kicking. Really love the way some people make money. No investment, no risk. Just plain creativity and guts.

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Papervision 3D workshop London

What an intensive 2 days, packed with awesomness 🙂

Ralph Hauwert really showed off the updated and new features in PV3D 2.0. We got the chance to goth in depth info about the engine, the how’s and the what’s.

On the train back I created my own little galaxy with stars and planets, lights and shaders in about 30 minutes. Just to say: 3D is coming your way – fast!

Thanks Tim for the good nights rest I got to spend at your appartment and nice to meet your roommates too!
Also had a good time throughout the second day with Matthew.

PV3D course in London

I’ll be in London on December 11 & 12 for a 2 day Papervision 3D course lead by Ralph Hauwert. Always exciting to get into depth with such fine developers for the Flash Platform. The first PV3D projects are allready delivered, but I hope to refine the techniques and avoid certain culprits I encountered in the past.
The countdown has begun!