Mr. Henry

Brandt, the notorious C.A.T.

Since the end of june I’ve been working with Hans here in Antwerp at Mr. Henry. Very recently we signed some papers to make me co-owner of Mr. Henry! I guess this finally makes me a big boy and employer at once since we hired Simon this year, our inhouse PHP / Rails / Perls / … / wizard.

In the past months we have released &
Mr. Henry is currently working on a Papervision project for a big international company and the new showcase website for Delvaux! Also two side projects that will be launched in Q1 of this year that are developed inhouse.

It’s fantastic to work with talented people who care about their work.
Mr. Henry is getting ready!

mkdir xTREME edition

Found this mkdir command notation when going through some Samba books. Pretty cool 🙂
( commands to be executed on a Linux box )

mkdir -p /everyone/{files,data}/{letters,invitations,misc}
ls /everyone/
data files
ls /everyone/files
invitations letters misc

When Apache ( Xampp ) refuses to start

You got to open the command promt on WinXP and type ( with quotes )

"C:\Program Files\xampp>xampp_start.exe"

If that doesn’t work you can drag the xampp_start.exe from your installation folder onto the command promt and press ENTER. ( this works for other stuff to, try it )

This will give you more information on why things fail, it helped me hunt down a bug which I could trace back to my configuration of httpd-vhosts.conf and httpd.conf. A network drive of mine refused connection and triggered errors when starting Apache from my Xampp control panel.

Which makes me think: Why o why do women don’t have a cmd prompt 🙂

PV3D course in London

I’ll be in London on December 11 & 12 for a 2 day Papervision 3D course lead by Ralph Hauwert. Always exciting to get into depth with such fine developers for the Flash Platform. The first PV3D projects are allready delivered, but I hope to refine the techniques and avoid certain culprits I encountered in the past.
The countdown has begun!


After months of a static “switching servers” page, finally an update. Just installed WordPress as it has a very lively user base and plugins/widgets are easy to get. You can expect some notes on things that happened in real life or during development.

What have I been up to lately? Well, for starters I did a lot of Flex development and I’m also working on a big Flash site.
There are a lot of projects coming up. But more on that later! Promised.