To all Draytek users: Watch out with HP products!

After all problems we went thru with our setup we’ve solved it ourselves by buying a new CAT6 cable. Strange thing is that all computers do work with the same cable.
But for future reference, I’ll leave the complete story online:

We run our network from a Draytek Vigor 2910. We bought a printer from Saturn a month or two ago. But, as it turns out HP does not support that router. We bought a Photosmart C6280, a multifunctional printer from HP. The printer does not get an IP-address from the router, nor from one of the hubs connected to the router. All other devices ( laptops, pc’s, Macs, … ) don’t run into any problems, everything works.

the last guy confirmed that not a single product from HP supports network functionality with Draytek products

After chatting for hours with a guy from HP, it turns out he thinks the router is not compatible with the HP product. He answered no, when I asked him if he could verify that in their knowledge base.

So I started calling to HP. After being connected to the usual 5 persons the last guy confirmed that “not a single product from HP supports network functionality with Draytek products”.
But he could not send me those details under any circumstance … For me this part reeks.

What not a single one of these companies ( HP & Saturn ) understand is that they could have turned this very timeconsuming and frustrating experience into a positive one. Especially Saturn. They just turned down my request ( or the guy from “after sales” and his store manager did ). If they used this situation they would have turned me into a loyal customer. One that would tell his friends about this awesome after sales experience I had at their store. But know I will tell them to avoid it. And they will listen. They trust me. They believe I know a thing or two about electronics. Wether that’s true or not, doesn’t matter. It matters because they believe it. I’m their electronic chief.

Looking at this story from the HP perspective, I would say they can’t do anything, but offering me a rebate, even if the store in question where I bought the product refuses it as a policy. Off course I would never buy a product from HP again for my business ( as we use Draytek ), but at least I would have a good feeling about the company policy they run.

“We’re sorry about this dear client. We can’t do much but take the product back. We hope that by informing you and confirming your issues we saved you ( and our help desk employees ) some frustrating hours. Please come back later for when you decide to ditch the Draytek router.”

At the end both companies leave a very bad taste in my mouth. HP for denying my rights as a consumer ( just want a network printer that works ) and Saturn for missing out on this opportunity of turning me into a valuable, returning and sneezing client.