That makes for a bad Apple

Never feeling totally at ease with Apple’s way of doing stuff ( besides product placement / development ), I find this particular article quite disturbing.

I mean, Opera is great. It’s the best browser for me on the Windows platform. Less bloated than Firefox. Plus I don’t need all the fancy plugins FF allows you to install. Don’t ask me why, but I don’t feel like I need them. Opera could be doing a better job on OSX though. It’s a completely different feel then their Windows counterpart. Not by looks, but by feel. I don’t know for Linux any more though. I use FF on my Ubuntu install as I don’t tend to surf too much on that machine. Will test it later this week on my upgraded Ubuntu install ( which is nice btw! ).

Back to BadApple:
It is not cool to lock a legit iPhowner’s abbility to install software. If I end up with a device, and I can hack it ( as in expand it’s abilities ), than it should be my choice. I agree that you have to have rules like “don’t install a mod chip to play illegal game iso’s”. But come on Apple! What’s the big deal here? Opera is small. Opera is used only by a certain kind of people. Are they playing chicken here?

Why do we all put up with this crap? Why do we stil buy their stuff ( and thus policies )? It’s like letting the attractive girl getting away with blackmail, just because she’s pwitty and she can’t do no harm because she’s, well, pretty. ( Though the question can also be: what does she has on you so she can actually blackmail you? Think about that for a minute, Mister Innocent.)

The article that started this rant:

Follow-up from Mac-Rumors: