Attending Flash On The Beach 2008

After being abscent in 2007 I will be attending FOTB again.

When FOTB popped up in 2006 I was there. It was the beginning of a new chapter in the Flash book. AS3 was around the corner and a lot of people had a lot of great ideas.

Brighton Pier

The first edition was fun, but the level was a bit daft. It was the year where all the attention was on “how to start with as3”. So my hope is that the level will be somewhat higher on certain topics. But I’m confident. I allready saw that there are now indications on each session to get a better idea of who the speaker is targeting. That’s new for me ( could be since last year ).

Looking forward to advanced Papervision sessions, nice Air applications, data visualizations and off course: Brighton. A lovely city, great music and superb ( vegetarian ) restaurants.

Can’t wait!

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