Scary moments with VMWare Fusion

Update 2: after some tech support from VMWare it turned out that my method was the only one that could restore my original installation. Snapshot 00003 has become corrupted and at this moment there was not much they could do about it. So I re-activated the older snapshot, connected to the Exchange server and pulled in all my mails, tasks and meetings. In the end it all works again.

Update 1: be carefull, the problem with my solution is that my vista has gone back in time. So don’t use it unless absolutely necessary! I’m going to try something else.

Yesterday I started to run into problems with VMWare Fusion. I use it daily to fire up Outlook ( to use with our Exchange server ) on Leopard and to test our development efforts.

Windows wouldn’t boot and the message said something about “Windows Vista x64 Edition-00003.vmdk”. That looks like a copy of an original file, right? So I went into the Virtual Machines folder under Users/myUserName/Documents/Virtual Machines/.

Note: the 00003 file is allready gone in this screenshot ( at least I moved it to my Trash ).
VMWare Fusion package contents

There I opened the “Windows Vista x64 Edition” package. ( use ctrl+click on the package to show contents ). Then I opened the .vmx file (= a 4kb heavy configuration file ) with TextMate and changed a line, rebooted Vista using VMWare and all seems A OK, for now.

VMWare Fusion Before

VMWare Fusion After